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Universal Speech Therapy provides online therapy services for children with speech and language disorders as well as coaching services for parents. We work with families in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, & New Mexico!


We will begin with a speech and language evaluation including a case history, parent interview, informal assessments, and standardized testing. The results of the evaluation will guide us in documenting your child’s communication strengths, detailing their support needs, and determining a diagnosis. We hold a post-evaluation consultation meeting with each child’s family to describe the evaluation results and discuss meaningful treatment goals. 


If a child has already participated in an evaluation within the past 12 months, we may reference their last evaluation report and begin therapy right away. 


Our therapy sessions combine research-based methods with fun digital activities! Children learn best when they are fully engaged, so we use online games and resources to keep therapy interesting and motivating. We will provide home practice activities at the end of sessions and reserve time to update you on your child’s progress.


We invite parents to join in on therapy sessions when possible. Parental involvement has been shown to help children reach their communication goals more quickly! 

Child doing teletherapy speech therapy online


Articulation Disorders • Phonological Disorders • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

We help children master difficult speech sounds by getting all of their senses involved in therapy! Whether your child is having difficulty with an individual sound or struggles to use a large variety of sounds, we are prepared to support them with evidence-based approaches. Speech therapy can help your child: 


  • Communicate so that others understand them

  • Effectively produce age-appropriate speech sounds

  • Coordinate the movements between speech sounds

  • Speak with confidence and reduce self-consciousness 

  • Gain pre-reading skills and letter-sound awareness 

speech evaluation in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, California, New Mexico
Elementary school girl doing speech therapy


Language Delay • Receptive Language Disorder • Expressive Language Disorder

We directly support language development by helping your child understand, use, and process spoken and written language. Our individualized therapy approaches focus on building social and academic language skills which can help your child: 


  • Express their needs and wants

  • Respond to questions

  • Learn new vocabulary words 

  • Use proper grammar

  • Follow directions

  • Organize words and sentences

  • Understand reading passages

Online parent coaching sessions


Communication Strategies & Home Programming

Children may spend an hour each week in therapy, but they spend the rest of their hours with you—so teaching parents how to promote effective communication at home can have a great impact! Our parent coaching sessions can help you:


  • Encourage your child’s speech and language skills in daily life

  • Use new strategies and cues at home

  • Engage in activities that help your child grow between sessions

  • Give you tools and resources to achieve lasting success

Parent Coaching


Accessible from home without the commute

Better for busy family schedules

Individualized 1-on-1 activities 

Easier for parents to be involved

Engaging online games and activities

Weekly communication with a speech therapist

Let's connect so you can learn more about how teletherapy will work for you! Use the button below to book a free 20-minute Zoom consultation.
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