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What is Parent Coaching in Telespeech?

What is parent coaching in speech teletherapy?

I know you all know what a coach does when coaching a sport and parent coaching in telespeech is really no different! Parent coaching in telespeech is teaching a parent a new skill, allowing time for self reflection on their performance, providing feedback on what was good about their performance and then suggesting ways to improve on the skill.

Once the skill is perfected then we

offer suggestions on how to work on that skill while our children are engaging in games and activities (functional/everyday activities). This parent coaching model promotes quicker carryover and generalization of skills!

Why should we use this parent coaching model in telespeech therapy?

Most children receive speech therapy 1-3 times per week for a total of maybe 30 to 90 minutes per week. If we want a child to make progress it is imperative that we teach our parents and caregivers ( who spend most of the time with their children) on how to implement evidenced practices in the context of everyday whether it is play time, mealtime or bedtime.

So, what does a parent coaching telespeech therapy session look like?

A telespeech parent coaching session includes five components. First, the speech pathologist and the parent will collaborate and discuss the technique that will be practiced or targeted within and between sessions. Next, the parent will observe how the speech pathologist uses a technique through a demonstration or a video. After this, the speech pathologist will observe the parent as they apply the skill in either a functional activity or a play based activity. Then, the parent will reflect on how they performed the targeted skill with guidance from the speech pathologist. Lastly, once all the information is gathered and the observation is completed, the speech pathologist will provide insight and ideas as to how to improve on the skill.

Just one of the many benefits of telespeech therapy is the consistent contact with our parents and their ability to use strategies to optimize progress!

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